Michigan GED Online

In Michigan, you can sit for the GED test online. However, to be eligible for taking the exam online, you must first register at GED.com and attain “Likely To Pass” (or green) scores on the official GED Ready practice test.

There are four GED Ready tests (one for each GED subtest) that are available on the official GED website (GED.com) for $6.99 each.


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Michigan GED Online Price

In Michigan, if you take the GED exam in an online format, each of the four sub-exams costs $43,50, so your total testing cost will be $174. You should, however, add the cost of four GED Ready tests ($6.99 each) as well. So, your total cost will be $202.

If you choose an Onsego Advantage Plan, however, you’ll receive four GED Ready tests for free, a $28 value.

When you take the GED exam at a Michigan test center, each of the four GED subtests also costs $43.50, or $174 for the entire GED battery.

Bear in mind that, as stated earlier, to take the GED exam or the GED Ready test, you must set up an account on the official website of GED Testing Service, GED.com.

Online GED Classes

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Michigan GED Online Classes

Onsego provides a complete GED preparatory program that includes GED online classes and practice tests. Onsego’s online GED classes help you take on the GED challenge and succeed. You can study with these bite-sized and engaging video lessons whenever and wherever you have the chance.

We’ll take you through the entire GED content in an easy-to-understand way, and we’ll also teach you some strong strategies to produce the correct answers to the challenging questions on the GED exam. Read also this page about qualification requirements for the Michigan GED test.

The sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll be working toward a more prosperous future for yourself and your loved ones.

GED Testing Service (the official GED organization) recognizes Onsego’s course as 100% aligned with the computer-based GED exam.

GED Scoring

The four GED modules (independent sub-exams) are scored on a 100-200 scale. Below passing is 100-144; high school equivalency is 145-164; college-ready is 165-174; college-ready plus college credit is 175-200.

What’s On The GED Test?

There are four independent sub-exams on the GED test that cover these academic fields: Mathematical Reasoning, Social Studies, Reasoning through Language Arts, and Science.

The subtests are timed as follows: Math: 135 minutes; Social Studies: 70 minutes; Language Arts: 155 minutes (including a short break); Science: 90 minutes.

It’s All About YOUR Future

Holders of the Michigan high school equivalency credential can continue their academic education, and the degree will lead to far better employment options. On average, workers with a secondary education degree will earn some $9,800 more annually than workers without a high school or equivalent degree.

So you see, earning your GED diploma really pays off! Now, there should be nothing to hold you back from getting your GED and working toward a brighter future for you and your loved ones!

Notice: At Onsego, one of the leading creators of online GED prep programs, we aim to present up-to-date and accurate information. However, checking the information provided in this post against official GED sources is essential for accuracy.