Iowa HiSET [Instead Of GED] Requirements

In Iowa, students need to pass 5 subject tests to receive their HiSET [Instead of GED] diploma. The GED test is not available in Iowa. HiSET test is available in testing centers or online.

Students have to register for the HiSET exam at

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To be successful on the HiSET exam, getting perfectly prepared is essential. The HiSET exam includes five challenging subtests, and on average, HiSET students need 2-3 months to become sufficiently prepared.

Iowa HiSET Test Requirements

  • You only qualify if you don’t already hold a secondary education credential (high school or equivalent diploma).
  • You cannot be registered for another school program.
  • You must be at least 16 years old.
  • For 16 and 17-year-olds, however, more restrictions apply, such as having parental consent and permission from their school districts.
  • There is no state residency requirement in Iowa.
  • You must first take and pass the HiSET Official Practice Test.

Iowa HiSET Cost

In general, the Iowa cost of HiSET testing is $10.25 per subject, so $51.25 for the full exam, but testing centers charge additional administrative fees, including a $10 fee for retests. 

In Iowa, HiSET Test online costs $28.25 per subject, so $141.25 in total (the HiSET exam includes 5 subject tests). However, a $17.50 Virtual Testing fee applies to all subtests as well.

You will receive two retests per subtest; however, you must pay the $17.50 Virtual testing fee each time you take a subtest online.

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Iowa HiSET Online Classes

Onsego has designed a comprehensive prep course that contains numerous online classes (including quizzes) and many practice tests. These online classes help you take on the HiSET challenge and succeed.

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The Online HiSET Exam

So the HiSET exam is offered online as well. In the past, candidates looking to earn their HiSET diplomas needed to report to one of Iowa’s official HiSET test centers and sit for the five sub-exams face-to-face. Well, that has now changed.

To qualify for the online HiSET exam, candidates must first attain sufficient results on the HiSET OPT (Official Practice Test).

How To Start Your GED Prep

Just be sure you’re fully prepared when you sit for the five-test HiSET exam. The exam is quite a challenging assessment, and the passing score is set at a level that 40% of high school graduates could not attain passing scores on the first try!

An increasing number of students discover and appreciate the benefits of online learning. It offers so much flexibility, and you can learn where, when, and what you wish. Onsego’s prep course is the ideal program to get all set for the HiSET exam fast.

FAQ About HiSET In Iowa

How to get a GED in Iowa?

Iowa uses the HiSET exam for high school equivalency (HSE) testing. To earn your HSE diploma, you must pass the five independent subtests that make up the HiSET exam. The testing fields are Math, Writing, Reading, Social Studies, and Science. The HiSET is offered on paper and on a computer.

What are the Iowa HiSET testing requirements?

The HiSET exam is for adults who never completed high school. Iowa requires test-takers to be at least 16 years of age, though underage testers (16 and 17 years old) must meet extra requirements. Applicants must be state residents and first attain satisfactory scores on the HiSET Official Practice Test (OPT). Underage testers will not receive their HSE diploma until they’ve turned 18.

What is the GED cost in Iowa?

The Iowa HiSET exam costs $53.75 when taken on a computer or $75 when taken on paper, but when taken online, a $17.50 Virtual Testing Fees apply to all five subject tests. The online HiSET exam is, of course, only available in a computer-formatted version.

For more information:
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Phone: 515.281.5294
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