Indiana GED Requirements

Indiana is using GED tests for its high school equivalency testing program. Students must pass 4 GED subject tests to get a GED diploma. The GED can be taken online or at an official Indiana GED test center.

To register for the GED® testing, they must register at


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Indiana GED Test Requirements

  • In Indiana, the minimum age for high school equivalency testing is 16.
  • For applicants 16 or 17 years of age, however, there are specific additional restrictions like having school district approval and parental permission.
  • 16 and 17-year-olds must have a completed school exit form, along a recommendation letters signed by a superintendent or school principal.
  • The Indiana GED exams are open to state residents only.
  • Applicants cannot already have a high school or equivalent diploma.
  • In Indiana, you don’t have to take the GED practice test first, except when you take the exams online.

Indiana GED Cost

In Indiana, the four GED sub-exams cost $36 each when taken at a test center (so $144 for the full battery). Bear in mind that you must first pass four GED Ready® tests to qualify for online GED testing, so that’ll be an additional $28!

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Indiana GED Online Classes

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Online GED Testing

The four GED modules (independent sub-exams) can be taken at one of Indiana’s official test centers or online from the comfort of your home.

How To Start Your GED Prep In Indiana

A good way to start your GED prep is by taking a few practice tests. This allows you to discover what you already know and what subject fields require most of your time and attention.

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FAQ About GED in Indiana

How to get a GED  diploma in Indiana?

Indiana uses the GED exams for high school equivalency (HSE) testing. To earn your HSE (high school equivalency) diploma in Indiana, you need to pass the four sub-exams that make up the GED exam. The GED test combined writing and reading into one Language Arts test. The GED is available on a computer only.

What are the Indiana GED testing requirements?

The GED exams give adults who don’t hold a high school diploma the opportunity to earn an equivalent diploma. Indiana requires testers to be at least 16 years old. 16 and 17-year-olds, however, must meet additional strict requirements. There’s no need to first take a practice test (except when you take the exam online), but in Indiana, state residency is required.

What is the GED cost in Indiana?

The Indiana GED exam costs $30 per individual subtest when taken at a test center. When taken online, the GED subtests cost $36 each. So, the full GED exam will set you back $120 or $144. You must, however, also add the cost of 4 GED Ready tests ($28) when you want to qualify for online GED testing. Onsego’s Advantage Plans include four GED Ready vouchers for free!

Important Notice: Onsego takes pride in our premium GED online courses. The above-listed information is provided for reference purposes. We encourage accuracy verification through official sources.