Oklahoma GED Online

The Oklahoma GED exam is also available online. To be eligible for online GED testing, however, GED candidates must first attain “green” scores (in the ‘likely to pass’ range) on the official GED Ready practice test.

The GED® exam is made up of four independent sub-exams, and for each of these exams, there’s a GED Ready® test that must be purchased on the GED.com website at $6.99 each.


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To register for the GED exam or for the GED Ready tests, the students are required to go online and set up an account at GED.com.

Oklahoma GED Online Price

If you take the Oklahoma GED exam in an online format, the cost is $41 per subject test, so $164 in total. You should also count the cost of taking four GED Ready practice tests, which will set you back an additional $28 ($6.99 per practice test). That totals $192.

However, if you choose Onsego Advantage, four GED Ready vouchers are included at no cost.

If you decide to sit for the Oklahoma GED exam at one of the state’s testing centers, you’ll pay $41 per subject test as well (so $164 for the entire exam).

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Oklahoma GED Online Classes

Onsego has designed a complete GED preparatory program that GED Testing Service recognizes as 100% aligned to the current GED exam. There are numerous GED online classes and lots of sample questions and practice tests. The GED course addresses and explains every aspect of the GED exam in an easy-to-understand way.

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We’ll explain everything that’s on the GED exam in an understandable way, and we’ll also teach you a few strong strategies and interesting techniques that enable you to find correct answers to even very complicated GED questions.

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What’s On The GED Exam?

The GED exam is fully computer-based and includes four separate modules (independent sub-exams) that measure your knowledge in the four academic subject areas of literacy (Reasoning through Language Arts), Social Studies, Math (Mathematical Reasoning), and Science.

You can take these modules one (or more) at a time and in any order you prefer. See also this page with information about Oklahoma GED qualification requirements.

How Should I Prepare For The GED?

The GED High School Equivalency test is quite challenging, so be sure to get optimally prepared. All across Oklahoma, there are many facilities that will help you in your efforts to get all geared up for the GED exam.

Your local library or local bookstore will also offer plenty of study material to get all geared up for the Oklahoma High School Equivalency Test. Today, there are also some very good and well-structured online GED prep courses, like the online GED classes by Onsego, that allow you to get all set from the comfort of your home or from wherever and whenever you prefer to study.

GED Scoring

The GED  passing score has been set at 145 for each subtest, so your minimum overall score is 580. A score in the 145-164 range indicates high school equivalency, a 165-174 score means you’re college-ready, and a score in the 175-200 range additionally results in college credits.

It’s About YOUR Future

Passing the high school equivalency test is crucial for your future. It allows for a college education and will definitely lead to better job options and a decent income.

You can use the diploma to secure a more rewarding career or attend college-level courses. If you didn’t finish your high school education and don’t have a GED, you are expected to earn at least $9,500 less annually than people who have a secondary school degree.

Over the last two decades, more than 67,000 adults have received their GED diplomas in Oklahoma. Most of the many Oklahoma new job positions are found in the fields of Health Care and Financial Services.

The newly created jobs are mostly at the entry level and require at least a high school or GED diploma, but also, if you want to be eligible for a promotion at your current job, you will need to have a secondary education degree as well, so be wise and invest some time in completing your high school education.

Attention: Onsego, one of America’s leading providers of online GED prep courses, aims to equip you with accurate and useful information. Nonetheless, we advise you to check the information in this post against official GED sources and make sure all is accurate and correct.