Missouri HiSET Online [Instead Of GED Online]

In Missouri, adult learners can take the HiSET exam online. The GED exam is not available in Missouri.

To take the Missouri HiSET exam, applicants must set up an account online at hiset.org. Be sure, however, to get perfectly prepared since the HiSET is a challenging assessment.

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Missouri HiSET Online Price

In Missouri, the HiSET online testing fee is $28.25 per subject, so $141.25 for all 5 subject tests. Additionally, a $10 register applies upon registration for the first subject test.

Applicants taking the HiSET exam in a Missouri testing center pay $17.75 per subject test, so $88.75 in total. They also need to pay a $10 registration fee.

Missouri HiSET Online Classes

Onsego’s program provides a complete course that includes online HiSET classes, quizzes, and practice tests. The GED and HiSET exams have similar contents, so you may very well use the program for your HiSET prep.

These online classes help you take the HiSET exam successfully as well. You can watch Onsego’s bite-sized and engaging lessons wherever and whenever you like and on any device.

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We cover all aspects and topics that are on the HiSET exam, and additionally, we’ll teach you some great strategies to come up with correct answers to HiSET exam questions.

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What’s On The HiSET Test?

The HiSET exam contains five subtests that cover the academic subject fields of Math, Social Studies, Language Reading, Language Writing, and Science. Applicants are not required to sit for the entire HiSET exam in one take, as they can take the five subtests one (or more) at a time if they wish.

The Missouri High School Equivalency Diploma is equivalent to a conventional high school diploma and is accepted by practically all North American institutions of higher education, employers, and government agencies. Check also our page about HiSET eligibility requirements in Missouri.

HiSET Scoring

The HiSET exam is scored on a scale up to 20, and the passing score is 8 on each of the five subtests. You must attain at least a 2 (out of 8) for your essay, and the total result must be at least 45, excluding your essay score.

How To Prepare For The HiSET Exam

If you want to sit for the HiSET exam, be sure to show up at a Missouri testing site or online optimally prepared because the HiSET, like the GED, is a very challenging assessment so getting fully prepared is crucial.

All over Missouri, there are numerous locations where HiSET prep classes are available, and there are also some pretty good online courses, such as the accredited Onsego online GED classes, that will get you ready for the GED or HiSET exam very efficiently.

Bookstores and libraries will also have lots of prep materials for you to get optimally prepared, but following a good online course will get you there much faster. Whichever way you prefer, just make sure you will be well-prepared when you take the Missouri HiSET exam!

It’s About YOUR Future

Across the nation, the diploma that you’ll receive upon successful completion of the Missouri HiSET exam is accepted in the same way as a standard high school diploma. Holders of the degree are sure to get better job opportunities, and it also allows for a college education. They are expected to make at least $9,500 more per year than workers without a secondary education degree.

So you see, earning your diploma pays off, right? Now, what’s holding you back? You can use our online support to earn your HiSET diploma fast and work toward a brighter future for you and your loved ones.