Arizona GED Online

Arizona GED applicants can take the four GED subtests online if they reach passing scores (in the “green” zone) on the official GED Ready® practice test.

So, students that are looking to sit for the GED® exam online at home must first prove that they command knowledge and skills at a level sufficient to take the official exam successfully.


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To register for the GED test, candidates must create an account online at the website The exam is a challenging assessment, and test-takers should get optimally prepared before signing up for the exam. Onsego offers online GED classes that are 100% aligned with the GED test, so you can get all set faster and more efficiently!

Arizona GED Online Price

If you take the online GED test in Arizona, each subtest will set you back $41, so your total GED testing cost will be $164. You should, however, also count the additional cost of the four GED Ready tests ($6.99 each), so your total will add up to $192.

However, if you sign up for one of Onsego’s Advantage plans, you’ll receive four vouchers for the GED Ready test for free, a $28 value!

When taken at an Arizona test center, the price is also $41 for each of the four GED subject tests or $164 for the complete GED battery. You can take and pay for the subtests one or more at a time.


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In Arizona, GED testers must also pass the state’s Constitution test to earn their GED diplomas.

Arizona GED Online Classes

Onsego provides Arizona residents with complete GED online classes. Take on the challenge of studying for your GED and watch our engaging lessons anytime, anywhere.

We’ll go over the entire GED content and teach you strategies to find the correct answers—no matter your preparation level.

Ready to start your path to a GED diploma? Let us help you get started with our online GED classes!

GED Scoring

The four GED sub-exams are scored on a 100-200 scale.

  • Below Passing: 100-144
  • High School Equivalency: 145-164
  • College-Ready: 165-174
  • College-Ready + Credit: 175-200

Check here for more information about GED qualification requirements in Arizona.

What’s On The GED Test?

The GED exam contains four separate subtests (independent modules) that must be done entirely in a computer-based format. The four tests cover the following academic areas: Social Studies, Science, Mathematical Reasoning (Math), and Literacy (Reasoning through Language Arts-RLA).

The GED exam is a challenging assessment that measures skills and knowledge at a level comparable to that of high school seniors upon graduation. So, getting perfectly prepared is your key to success!

How To Register For The GED Test

To register for the GED exam, go to, the official website of GED Testing Service. You’ll have to set up your personal account on the MyGED portal. Here you can schedule your test appointments and make payments.

There’s also a lot of interesting information about all the things related to GED testing, trends and developments in the job market, colleges and their academic programs, and a lot more. Please note that if you want to apply for some accommodation, you need to do so timely.

Value Of Your GED Diploma

The GED diploma has the same value as a common high school degree, and holding a GED will surely lead to a rewarding career! In the contemporary employment market, practically all jobs, also at the entry level, require applicants to have at least a high school or equivalent diploma, and there should be nothing to hold you back from going after your dreams, right?

Workers with a high school diploma or GED are expected to earn some $9.600 more on a yearly basis than workers who don’t have a secondary education degree. So get in gear and start working on earning your GED. Make sure the future for you and the ones around you will get a lot brighter!

Disclaimer: It is Onsego’s objective to provide a premium online GED prep experience. The content shared here is meant to guide you, but for the latest and most precise information, turning to official GED sources is advised.