Florida GED Requirements

In Florida, to get your GED diploma, you need to pass the four sub-exams of the GED test. The Florida GED exam must be taken at one of the state’s testing centers. Florida has suspended online GED testing.

Candidates must create an account on the website GED.com to sign up for the GED® test or the GED Ready® practice tests.


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The General Education Development (GED) test includes four challenging subtests, so becoming optimally prepared is the key to your success. On average, GED students will require about 2-3 months to get sufficiently prepared.

Florida GED Test Requirements

  • You can not already have a secondary education degree (high school or equivalent diploma).
  • You need to be at least 16 years of age.
  • 16- and 17-year-olds need to meet additional, strict criteria. They must, for example, be officially withdrawn from their high schools and have parental consent.
  • Florida doesn’t require state residency.
  • Underage GED testers (16 or 17 years of age) may be required to attend prep classes or take the GED Ready practice test before taking the GED exam.

Florida GED Price

If you sit for the GED exam at one of Florida’s test centers, the price of the four GED sub-exams is $32 per subject (or $128 for the entire GED battery).

If you take the Florida GED exam online, you’ll have to pay $38 per individual sub-exam, so $152 in total. To be eligible for online GED testing, however, you’ll have to reach passing scores on four GED Ready practice tests (one for each GED subject test). As said earlier, however, Florida had suspended online GED testing.

The GED Ready test is available on the GED.com website at $6.99 each. So you should also count the additional GED Ready costs ($28) as well, so your real total cost will be $180.

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How To Begin With Your GED Prep

The best way to start with getting prepared for the GED exam is by taking several practice tests. This will indicate what your academically strong and weak points are. This means you won’t have to spend much time on the subject matter you already command and that you can center on those topics that will help you improve your score.

Onsego offers GED practice tests, so what could be holding you back from learning for your GED exam?

Online GED Testing

These days, GED testing is offered in an online format as well. In earlier times, GED applicants needed to come to an official Florida GED test center and take the GED exam there. Well, that’s no longer required.

To be eligible for taking the GED exam online, applicants must reach likely to pass (“green”) scores on the GED Ready® practice test. For more information about GED-at-Home testing, check out this post: The Online Proctored GED Exam. Again, the Florida online GED test was suspended.

FAQ About GED In Florida

How to get a GED in Florida?

If you want to earn your GED high school equivalency diploma in Florida, you’ll need to pass the four computer-formatted subtests of the GED exam. The four tests are independent modules that cover Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, and Language Arts.

What are the Florida GED testing requirements?

The GED is for adults who didn’t finish high school. In Florida, GED test-takers need to be 16 years old or older, but additional requirements count for those 16 or 17. For test-takers 18 and up, there’s no state residency requirement in Florida, and these GED testers are also not required to first attend a prep course or take a practice test, except when taking the GED exam online.

What is the GED cost in Florida?

In Florida, the four GED subtests cost $32 each or $128 for the complete GED battery if you sit for the exam at an official GED test center. For the online GED exam, you have to pay $38 for each module, so $152 overall. You should, however, also count the $28 that the four GED Ready tests will set you back! Students in Onsego’s Advantage Plans get four GED Ready tests for free.

You can register and pay for one GED subtest at a time. To register and pay for the tests and to schedule testing appointments, go to the website GED.com.

Attention: As leaders in online GED preparation, Onsego aims to equip you with useful information. Nonetheless, it’s important to check the above-listed details against official sources to ensure they are correct and up-to-date.