Arkansas GED Requirements

To earn your high school equivalency diploma in Arkansas, you’ll need to pass the four separate modules (subtests) of the GED exam. GED stands for General Education Development.

When you successfully complete the four GED® sub-exams, you will be awarded a credential that is all across North America accepted just like a normal high school degree by virtually every US educational institution, governmental organization, or employer.

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There’s no need to take all four tests at the same time. You can take one subtest at a time.

Arkansas GED testing requirements

  • You cannot already have a high school or equivalent diploma.
  • You are not currently registered for any other school program.
  • The minimum age to take the GED exam is 16.
  • Applicants 17 and 18 years old, however, must meet extra requirements such as having permission from their school districts as well as parental consent.
  • In Arkansas, you must be a state resident to take the GED exam.
  • Arkansas doesn’t require you to attend a GED prep course first.
  • To be able to take the GED exam, however, you must attain passing scores on the official GED Ready® practice test.

Arkansas GED online

You have the option to sit for the Arkansas GED exam at one of the state’s GED test centers or in an online format, the O.P. (Online Proctored) GED test.

As said earlier, to qualify for taking the Arkansas GED exam online, you are required to reach a “green” score (likely to pass) on the GED Ready test, but this also counts in Arkansas for on-site GED testing.

Arkansas GED price

In most states, the full GED exam will set you back some $120 or more, but Arkansas subsidizes the exam, as do a few more states. In Arkansas, the cost is only $16 for the entire battery of four tests (or $4 for each individual subtest), but only if you take the exam at one of Arkansas’ test centers.

For online testing, different fees apply. The online proctored GED exam costs $36 for each individual sub-exam, so your overall cost will be $144 for the full GED exam.

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GED scoring

Each of the four GED sub-exams is scored on a 100-200 scale where the following applies:

  • 100-144: Below Passing
  • 145-164: High School Equivalency
  • 165-174: College-Ready
  • 175-200: College-Ready Plus Credit

What’s on the GED test?

The GED exam is fully computerized and the four modules are covering the subject areas of Social Studies, Math (Mathematical Reasoning), Science, and Language (RLA-Reasoning through Language Arts).

As said earlier, you have the option to take these four modules one (or more) at a time and in any order you prefer.

How to prepare for the GED test

Though Arkansas doesn’t require GED test-takers to first take a GED preparatory course, it is strongly advised to do so since the computer-based GED exam is a challenging assessment. The passing score is set in a way that 40 percent of all high school graduates would not be able to pass the exam on the first try!

All across Arkansas, you can find numerous locations where GED prep classes are offered and your local book store or community library can provide GED books and other prep material as well.

Today, there are also some pretty good online prep courses such as the premium GED course developed by ONSEGO. Online learning requires self-discipline, but it is a great solution for people with busy schedules and students living in remote areas. So whichever way you prefer to get ready for the GED exam, just make sure you’ll get as prepared as can be because passing the GED exam is a challenging endeavor.

How to register for the GED test

The GED registration process is done entirely online. When you go to, you’ll be asked to create your account at the online portal MyGED. This is where you can schedule and pay for your testing appointments.

There’s also a wealth of information about the GED test-taking process, developments in the job market, how to apply to colleges and universities, and their academic program, just to mention a few elements. If you require any accommodation, be sure to apply for that in time at the GED website and your local test center may also help you.

It’s all about YOUR future

Holding the GED diploma will definitely lead to a rewarding career and a well-paying job. These days, practically all jobs, even entry-level positions, require applicants to possess at least a secondary education degree (i.e. high school or equivalent diploma) so earning your GED diploma is crucial for your future.

So what’s holding you back from realizing your dreams? Workers that hold a high school or GED credential are making at least $9.600 more annually than workers who don’t hold that education degree. So if you’re smart, you start working toward your high school equivalency diploma right now so the future for you and the ones around you will brighten up!