North Dakota GED Online

In North Dakota, students can also take the GED test online. But to qualify for online GED testing, they first will have to reach a “Likely To Pass” score (in the “green” zone) on the GED Ready test, the official practice test from GED Testing Service.

There’s a GED Ready test for each of the four independent GED subtests, so four in total, that are available on the website at $6.99 each.


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To register for the GED exam or the GED Ready tests, test-takers will have to create an account on the official GED website,

North Dakota GED Online Price

In North Dakota, the online GED exam will set you back $36 per subtest, so $144 in total. You should, however, also count the cost of four GED Ready tests ($6.99 per subject), totaling $172.

GED students who sign up for Onsego Advantage will receive four GED Ready vouchers at no cost; that’s included in the plan!

If you prefer to take the North Dakota GED exam in a testing center, it will also set you back $36 per subject test or $144 for the full four-test GED battery.

Online GED Classes

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North Dakota GED Online Classes

Onsego has created a comprehensive GED preparatory course with numerous GED online classes, many sample questions, lots of practice tests, and information about everything related to the GED exam. The online GED video lessons and practice tests help you take on the GED challenge and reach your goals.

Onsego’s program contains many short, bite-sized, engaging video lessons that address each and every GED topic one at a time. This means you can watch the short lessons whenever you have a few minutes free and from wherever you like.

We’ll explain the content of the GED exam clearly and understandably, and we’ll additionally teach you the best strategies and techniques to find correct answers to even very complicated subject questions.

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GED Passing Score

The four GED subtests (also referred to as modules) are independent examinations that can be taken one at a time. The four GED subtests are measured on a 100-200 scale, and the passing score on each of the four modules is 145.

There are three passing score categories. High school equivalency score: 145-164; College-ready score: 165-174; College-ready PLUS college credit score: 175-200.

What’s On The GED Test?

The GED exam is a set of four individual tests in the subject areas of Language Arts (English Literacy), Social Studies, Mathematics, and Science. North Dakota additionally requires test-takers to take and pass the North Dakota Civics Exam, a 100-question test about U.S. History.

The GED program will help North Dakota residents with improving their career options and qualifies the holders of the degree for continued education in college or university.

Nowadays, a high school diploma (or equivalent) is the minimally required degree for practically any kind of work, and the GED diploma is also needed to get into institutions of higher education. You may also want to read this page about North Dakota GED qualification requirements. 

In North Dakota, GED test-takers must also pass the state’s Constitution and Civics tests to earn their GED diplomas.

How To Register For The GED Test

To schedule and pay for the GED tests and for the GED Ready tests, you must create your account on the website At the online portal MyGED, you can make and pay for your test appointments, and there’s also a wealth of information about colleges, academic programs, the job market, and much more.

How To Prepare For The GED Test

There are many locations in North Dakota that offer all the help you need to get properly prepared for the state’s high school equivalency exam, and you can also find a lot of great GED prep materials at your community library or your local bookstore.

And fortunately, these days, there are also some great online GED prep courses, a perfect solution for students in rural areas or those who have busy schedules. To get all set for the GED exam fast and efficiently, check out the Onsego online GED course, a well-structured, accredited premium online program that will get you there fast.

It’s About YOUR Future

After passing the North Dakota GED exam, the future is yours. Your career options will surely increase, and a career change could also be a great option. GED holders are making at least $9,600 more per year than people who don’t have the credential, and, as said earlier, it is also your ticket to a university or college education.

No longer will you have to take just any job that comes along. You will want a position where you can be successful and have the opportunity for upward mobility. When you have worked so hard to obtain your GED diploma, you’ll want to make the most of it, and you’ll sooner qualify for a job promotion as well.

Attention: Onsego, one of America’s leading developers of online GED prep programs, aims to provide you with the most recent useful information. It is important, however, to check the information given in this post against official GED test sources for accuracy.