Massachusetts GED Requirements

In Massachusetts, students must pass four independent GED sub-exams to earn their HSE (High School Equivalency) diploma. The Massachusetts GED exam can be taken at official Massachusetts testing centers.

Registration for the GED® exam and the GED Ready® tests must be done online on the website.


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Massachusetts GED Test Requirements

  • In Massachusetts, the minimum age for GED testing is 16.
  • 16 or 17-year-olds, however, must meet additional criteria such as having permission from their school districts to be approved by the state’s High School Equivalency Office and holding parental consent.
  • The Withdrawal Letter must be on official school letterhead, including the address and phone number. It must indicate the student’s last date of attendance and date of withdrawal and be signed by the Principal/Headmaster or the Head of Guidance. Once approved, the underage student receives an email notification from GED Testing Service that they can schedule their GED test.
  • When underage students take the GED test online, a parent or guardian is required to be present at check-in to authorize the underage test-taker to be recorded during the exam.
  • GED testing is only open to Massachusetts residents.
  • Test-takers cannot already have a high school or equivalent diploma.
  • Test-takers can also not be signed up for another educational program.

Massachusetts GED Price

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts offers free GED testing to its residents, and this includes two free retakes as well. The Massachusetts GED test regularly costs $36 per subtest or $144 for the entire GED battery.

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You’ll still have to pay, however, for four GED Ready practice tests if you want to take the GED exam online in another state (that’s $28 in total). You are only eligible for online GED testing if you reach “green” (passing) scores on these practice tests. Onsego Advantage students have four free GED Ready tests included in their plans.

When you want to take the GED exam online in another state, you still must pay for the four GED Ready tests by yourself. Again, you’ll get four GED Ready vouchers for free, however, if you purchase an Onsego Advantage Plan.


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The Massachusetts HSE (high school equivalency) diploma is awarded to adult learners who successfully have taken the four GED sub-exams. The credential is equivalent to a common high school degree and is accepted across North America by institutions of higher learning and employers.

Online GED

Candidates can take the GED exam at an official Massachusetts test center. Online testing is not offered in Massachusetts. Until recently, online testing was no option, but that has all changed with the arrival of the online GED exam in many states.

To qualify for the online GED test, students need to attain “green” scores on the GED Ready® practice test that is available on the website for $6.99. There’s a GED Ready test for each of the four GED subtests, so that’ll set you back an additional $28 on top of the test fees, but not for Onsego members.

Learn more about online GED testing in this post -> The online GED exam.

How To Start With Your GED Prep

The probably most effective way to begin your GED preparation is by taking GED practice tests. This way, you can learn about your stronger and weaker points, so you’ll learn which subject areas require your attention most. Onsego’s practice tests are similar to what you’ll find on the actual GED test.

FAQ About GED In Massachusetts

How to get a GED in Massachusetts?

To earn your GED credential in Massachusetts, you’ll need to pass the four tests that make up the GED exam. The four tests measure your proficiency in Math, Science, Social Studies, and English Literacy. The GED exam is fully computer-based.

What are the Massachusetts GED testing requirements?

The GED exam offers adults who never finished high school the opportunity to earn an equivalent diploma. In Massachusetts, testers must be state residents, and the minimum age to qualify for high school equivalency testing is 16. 16/17-year-olds, however, must meet some pretty strict additional requirements. Applicants cannot already hold a high school degree.

What is the GED cost in Massachusetts?

In Massachusetts, the GED exam is free for state residents, including two free retakes. In Massachusetts, the regular GED testing fee is $144 or $36 per subtest when taken at one of Massachusetts’ testing sites. Bear in mind, however, that if you want to test online in another state, you must also buy 4 GED Ready tests for a total of $28! As stated before, Onsego’s Advantage students get four GED Ready tests at no cost at all!

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