Washington State GED Requirements

In Washington, you will receive your GED diploma if you pass the four independent GED subject tests. The GED exam is available online and at official Washington GED testing centers.

To register for the GED® exam or the GED Ready® practice tests, you need to create an account on the GED.com website.

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The four GED sub-exams are challenging assessments, and to be successful, optimal preparation is required. Most GED students need around 2 to 3 months to get all set and take the four-test GED battery successfully.

Washington State GED Requirements

  • Applicants cannot hold a high school or equivalent diploma.
  • Applicants cannot be registered for some other school program.
  • The minimum age in Washington is 16.
  • However, 16, 17, and 18-year-olds must meet additional, strict requirements like holding parental consent and school board permission.
  • Washington State residency is required.
  • Applicants are not required to attend a GED prep course.
  • Washington does not require you to take and pass the GED Ready practice test first if you take the exam at a test center.

Washington GED Price

In Washington, when taken online, the cost of GED testing is $36 per subtest, so $144 in total, and when taken at a testing facility, the price is $36 per subtest as well.

When you take the GED exam online, however, you should also count the extra cost of the four GED Ready tests that you must buy at the website GED.com at $6.99 each.

To qualify for online GED testing, you need to reach passing scores (in the “green” section) on the GED Ready test. There’s a GED Ready test for each GED subtest, so four in total, that will set you back an additional $28, bringing your overall online GED testing cost to $172.

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Online GED testing

So the GED test is offered online as well. It used to be that test-takers had to come to an official Washington GED test facility and take the exam in person, but now, that has changed.

As said earlier, to qualify for taking the GED exam online, students must first attain “green” scores (in the likely to pass range) on the GED Ready practice test.

How to start your GED prep

The most efficient way to start your GED preparation is when you take a few practice tests. That will tell you all about your academically stronger and weaker points. This means you’ll know which areas to go over quickly because you already command the material and which subject area you should fully concentrate on to improve your GED scores.

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FAQ about GED in Washington

How to get a GED in Washington?

Adults wishing to earn a GED high school equivalency credential in Washington State must take and pass the four computer-formatted modules (independent subtests) of the GED exam. These four modules cover Social Studies, Math, Language, and Science.

What are the Washington GED testing requirements?

GED testing gives adults without a high school diploma the opportunity to acquire a certificate that’s equivalent to a common high school diploma. In Washington State, applicants need to be 16 years old or older, though 16, 17, or 18-year-olds may qualify only if they meet additional requirements. Testing is only open to state residents, but there’s no requirement to first attain sufficient results on a qualification test, except when taking the GED test online.

What is the GED cost in Washington?

In Washington State, the cost for GED testing is $144 for the entire GED battery (or $36 per individual subtest) for both on-site and online testing. So the online GED test will set you back also $144 (or $36 per subtest), but you may as well add the cost of four GED Ready tests ($28), which totals it all to $172. Students in Onsego’s My Advantage Plan get 4 GED Ready practice tests at no cost.

You have the liberty to register for, pay for, and take the four modules one (or more) at a time. To register and pay for the exam and to schedule your tests, you need to set up an account online at GED.com/MyGED.

Disclaimer: It is Onsego’s priority to provide comprehensive online GED preparatory support. While we strive to provide accurate and helpful information here, it is essential you check the above details with official GED sources to ensure accuracy.