GED Test Is Available Online

We’ve got some good news for you. The GED test is available online, and students can take all 4 GED subtests at home. The online GED test is a convenient way of earning your GED diploma.

More than ever, it’s crucial to be well-prepared before attempting to pass the GED test. Try our online GED classes if you want to get ready for the test quickly.


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To be eligible for online testing, you need to take the GED Ready® practice test and score “green” within the last 60 days for each subject you want to test online. Only then your account at will show an option for online testing.

Onsego’s “Advantage” plan also includes four GED Ready vouchers for free (a $28 value) and additional learning resources such as the TI-30XS calculator course or a quitting protection system.

The Online GED Test is NOT available in Florida, New York, Hawaii, West Virginia, Massachusetts, and Wyoming.

Onsego Prep News

Your Onsego account has a new module added to the Math course: “Solving Word Problems.”
Lessons in this module explain how to solve the most popular type of word problems you encounter during the GED Math test.


100% Online GED Classes

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We strongly advise that you check these lessons and quizzes before taking the real test.

Also, the “Practice Tests” modules have been renewed. After completing a practice test, you will see the Strong and Weak Areas report. This report shows your score in each module and helps you to assess your learning.

Social Studies, Science, and Language Arts

We also added new practice tests with a timer to your Social Studies, Science, and Language Arts courses.

These tests include question types that are often seen on real tests. They are in the Practice Tests module.

Progress autocomplete

Your progress is automatically recorded when you finish all activities assigned to the lesson.
The progress is not recorded if you skip a quiz unless the lesson has no quiz.

Resume button

We added the “Resume button” to your courses. This button allows you to immediately return to the last lesson or quiz that you visited.

This button is integrated within the “All Lessons” dashboard and on every subject course.

If you want to read more about some additional requirements to qualify for taking the four GED sub-exams online, check out this post: GED Online – How It Works. In this article, we explain what online GED testing is all about and the prerequisites to be eligible for the online exam.

Please note that online testing is not offered in New York, Hawaii, Massachusetts, West Virginia, Florida, and Wyoming.

Note that Onsego Advantage students receive four GED Ready practice tests at no cost at all, a $28 value!