Onsego Joins The GED List Of Trusted Publishers

Getting recognized by GED Testing Service as a credible supplier of a GED prep course is a scrupulous process. Onsego is one of 20 trusted publishers that have designed curriculum materials and a GED Preparatory Course that are 100 percent in line with the current GED exam.

The certification process is scrupulous, and all organizations on the GED® trusted publishers list went through this process that’s conducted by the ProCert Labs certification organization.


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ProCert Labs specializes in the assurance of high-quality educational products and courses developed by the most reputable organizations and companies. ProCert Labs’ clients include Adobe, Microsoft, Cisco, Intuit, CompTIA, and GED Testing Service.

This certification underscores that the Onsego GED preparatory online classes are fully aligned with the content of the current GED exam that includes four separate, independent sub-exams covering Language Arts, Science, Mathematics, and Social Studies.

The Onsego GED course is an online, self-paced course that includes video lessons that cover all subject fields, lots of quizzes, and numerous practice tests.

Onsego’s flagship plan, Advantage, additionally offers very interesting and unique bonuses that will build students’ confidence, make the learning experience entertaining, stimulate their motivation, and protect them from quitting.

Online GED Classes

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Computer-Based GED Exam

The GED exam is entirely computer-formatted and for good reasons. Not only are the results available much faster, but in our contemporary job market, you probably won’t see a vacant position anymore that doesn’t call for at least fundamental keyboarding and computing skills.

This is also the case with entry-level positions, so it’s only a good development that exams like the GED have implemented computer-based testing, wouldn’t you agree?

Does Certification Matter?

Yes, that really matters! When students sign up for a GED prep course that’s entirely aligned with the current, computer-formatted GED test, they can be sure they’ve made a wise decision and that they’re on their way to earning a GED diploma fast and efficiently.

Students that are studying for their GED exam are making investments of money, time, and hope. Chances are they’ll have to spend many hours learning and not being able to be with their families. They’ll spend their money on prep courses, and sitting for the GED exam isn’t free as well in most states. You can learn more about your state here.

So for students, it is important to know that the course of their choice meets the proper criteria, and certification by ProCert Labs guarantees that they will receive top-notch instruction that meets all GED objectives.

Onsego Integrates With GED Ready Practice Tests

When students are signed up for the Onsego GED course, they can take the GED Ready® test and connect their score reports with the lessons provided by Onsego. This way, they will be able to quickly improve their weakest points and their GED test scores. The image offers instructions on how to do it.

This is particularly helpful for students who chose the Onsego Advantage Plan because that includes free GED Ready vouchers (a $28 value).

GED Ready Practice Test – What Is It?

There are four independent GED sub-exams, and for each exam, there is a GED Ready practice test. This practice test is about half the length of the real GED test, and it is the only test that predicts if a student is ready for the real thing or if more study is required.

The four GED Ready tests are available at GED.com and can be purchased at $6.99 each. As said before, students who sign up for the Onsego Advantage Plan will receive vouchers for the four GED Ready tests at no cost.

In some states, GED applicants must first reach satisfactory scores results on the GED Ready test before they are allowed to take the real GED exam.

As stated before, there are four independent sub-exams that make up the GED test (that can be taken one at a time), and there’s a separate GED Ready test for each of the 4 modular tests. GED Ready vouchers can be purchased on the website GED.com, but they are free for Onsego Advantage students.

When students take the GED Ready practice test, their scores can be “Likely to pass” (scores of 159 and up), “Too close to call” (scores in the 143-158 range), or “Unlikely to pass” (score between 100 and 142).