How to Pass GED Math with the Onsego GED Calculator Course

Math is the most difficult of all 4 GED tests. Onsego created a course that teaches students how to pass the GED Math test with the help of a TI-30 XS calculator. This calculator is the only calculator allowed on the Math test.

Steve Gory, the founder of Onsego and EdTech Strategist, explains why Onsego created the new GED® Calculator Course. This course helps students pass the GED® Math test without learning math and is included in the My Advantage plan of Onsego online GED classes.

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Instead of learning Math, students learn how to master the scientific calculator to pass the GED Math test.

Almost a year ago, Steve says, my sister-in-law asked me to help a friend prepare for the GED Math test. You need to know that my sister-in-law works in the entertainment business and her “friends” are often her artist clients.

When we met, she confirmed this, and her “friend” was an upcoming songwriter who needed to pass her GED test. Her name was Nina. So, Nina had passed 3 of the 4 GED subject tests but could not score high enough on the GED Math test. She had tried four times already. I offered Nina access to the Onsego course, and we had a few Zoom calls over the following next few months.

It was not easy to get Nina motivated to learn. She has a busy life, and math has precisely zero influence on her current and future success.

One time she asked me why I couldn’t show her how to use this GED calculator to solve all these math problems. I can learn how to use a machine, she said.

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At this moment, I realized that we, at Onsego, were missing the boat. We don’t need to teach everyone math. We need to teach people how to pass the GED Math test using any legally available tool, such as the GED calculator, aka the scientific TI-30 XS.

For the next few weeks, our math tutors analyzed the GED Math test and identified topics that frequently appeared on the test. They strategically chose the essential math problems, and we designed lessons that show how to solve these math challenges.

When I showed it to Nina, she got excited, and the idea that she could finally pass math by spending just 2 weeks learning gave her new hope.

She learned every day for 1-1.5 hours, and then she took the GED Ready® Math test. She scored in the green zone and scheduled her GED real test.

And she got 168 points. She could not believe it herself.

Since that time, we have offered our new calculator course to many people who, like Nina, couldn’t pass the GED Math test.

The GED Calculator course is a part of the Onsego My Advantage plan, and it can be purchased separately.