Divide and Conquer

The Divide and Conquer System is a short course full of strategies and practice tests that help you get better at picking the right answers. The GED test sometimes tries to trick you with answers that look right but aren’t. Our system teaches you how to spot these tricky answers and focus on the ones that are probably correct. This makes it easier for you to choose the right answer and do well on the test.

Moreover, this strategy is particularly beneficial for questions that seem complex or unfamiliar. By breaking down the options and eliminating improbable answers, you can approach these questions with greater confidence and a higher likelihood of success.

However, while this strategy is effective, it’s essential for students to practice and become proficient in it before using it on an actual test. The more familiar they are with the technique, the faster and more accurately they can apply it under timed test conditions.

Divide and Conquer is included in our Score Booster Plan


How can I buy it?

The Divide and Conquer strategies are included in our Score Booster plan.

How long does it take to learn these strategies?

Learning the Divide and Conquer strategies doesn’t take long. They’re designed to be easy to understand so you can start applying them in your practice tests right away.

Do these strategies work for all four GED subjects?

Yes, the Divide and Conquer strategies can be applied to all four GED subjects—Math, Social Studies, Science, and Language Arts—to help you make better choices on multiple-choice questions.

Can I pass the GED test if I learn only these strategies?

These strategies sure improve your chances of getting additional points, and they will increase your test confidence, but they are not a substitute for total test preparation.