How Onsego GED Prep Works

Onsego offers online GED classes that are simple and easy. Our students come from different paths in life but have one thing in common.

They want to pass the GED test to receive their High School Equivalency diploma.


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People don’t have a high school diploma for many reasons, often jeopardizing their chances of getting a better job or education.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem. After passing four GED test subjects, students get a High School Equivalency diploma with the same value as a high school diploma.

How To Get A GED

Let me explain how getting your GED works. To get a GED Diploma,  you need to get right a bit more than 60% of all questions on each of the four GED subject tests.

This is great news because even if you make mistakes along the way, you will still pass the exam.


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To help you achieve this goal, here at Onsego, we have incorporated cutting-edge technology and research into our prep program.

Our courses not only get you ready to pass the GED exams, but they also increase your confidence and maximize your potential.

Accordingly,  we show you how to quickly focus on the most achievable goals to get the desired results.

Once you complete GED prep courses, you simply schedule the GED test at

When you pass the four GED subject tests, your state gives you a High School Equivalency diploma.

How To Get Started With GED Prep

So let’s start by choosing the first subject to study. When you begin your GED prep, choosing the subject that seems easiest to you is essential.

Passing your first exam will give you a sense of accomplishment and self-trust, which can help you tackle more complicated topics with greater ease.

Most students choose Social Studies or Language Arts, but it’s your decision, and you are the boss of your own prep.

How Onsego Is Built

Let me show you around here. As you know, to get a GED diploma, you need to pass 4 subject tests, so we give you a course for each subject. Then, we have a calculator course and GED Ready vouchers that you can download, and there are also Quitting Protection and Confidence Booster courses.

All our courses are divided into modules. Modules are building blocks; each module includes lessons with mini-quizzes. All lessons provide short, bite-sized information so you don’t get bored or overwhelmed.

So, Instead of a 15-minute lesson explaining many topics, you get three short lessons, each up to 5 minutes long and focusing on 1 issue. After a lesson, a short quiz enforces active learning and boosts your confidence.

All our courses include study planners that help you move forward, so make sure you check them. These planners are located at the beginning of each course and will help you prepare for the GED test quickly, but if you feel that the pace is too fast, don’t worry. You can adjust these planners to your comfort and pace of learning.

Everyone can pass the GED, and so can you.

Some people need more time, and that is totally normal. What counts is the final result, namely getting your GED diploma.