Nunavut GED Test

In Nunavut, the total cost for the Canadian GED exam (all 5 subject tests) is $175.00, or $35.00 per individual subject test.

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The Canadian GED® Exam Series is ending on May 3, 2024. If you’ve considered earning your GED® High School Equivalency certification, now is the time to act!

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The Nunavut GED® exam is available for students 19 years of age and older, and additional documentation is required. Please contact a GED test center of the GED Administrator for more details.

In Nunavut, GED testing is open only to Canadian citizens or individuals that have been residents for 6 months or longer. The GED test is a challenging examination that requires some decent preparation, such as the accredited Canadian online GED classes designed by Onsego GED Prep.  

There are Canadian territories and provinces that allow non-residents to write the GED exam as well, whereas other provinces and territories don’t.

If you want to sit for the GED exam in a different province, you are strongly advised to carefully check the residency requirement there to avoid disappointment.

Nunavut does not require GED applicants to prepare for the GED exam in an adult education center or with the help of an online GED course, nor are test-takers required to first reach satisfactory results on the official GED practice test before they are allowed to register for the real thing.

Canadian Online GED Classes

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The Canadian GED exam is in Nunavut only available in a paper-based format. Computer-based testing is not available yet.

Pass the GED fast

The GED is quite a challenging exam. The passing standards are set in a way that successful test-takers have knowledge and skills at least at a level that compares to those of high school seniors upon graduation. But if you want, you can get all set for the five GED sub-exams pretty fast.

The five subtests that the Canadian GED exam address the fields of Mathematics (90 min.), Science (80 min.), Language Arts Reading (65 min.), Language Arts Writing (Part 1: 75 min. Part 2: 45 min.), and Social Studies (70 min.).

Students that learn for just one hour each day can get ready for the GED exam in just two months, and it doesn’t matter how long ago they left school. What counts is how motivated you are and if you learn regularly, you can get ready for the GED exam in a relatively short time.

We work with Onsego GED prep. They offer a comprehensive, entertaining, top-rated, but affordable GED prep program that covers everything found on the GED test. The publisher of the GED exam, GED Testing Service, has recognized Onsego’s course as being entirely in line with the latest version of the GED exam.

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Prepare well for the GED exam

Getting well-prepared and taking practice tests are essential elements for people taking any test, but the GED exam is very challenging, so understanding what it’s all about and how to tackle the five sub-exams is the key to your success.

If you take online GED prep classes and practice tests. you’ll learn to study independently, and you’ll also learn which subject areas you need to concentrate on most. Bear in mind, however, that online studying requires some decent self-discipline on your behalf.

Using GED practice tests will also help you to get familiar with the GED exam format and time restraints. So if you take multiple practice tests regularly, you will definitely improve your GED scores.