Prince Edward Island CAEC Test

Canadian GED Replaced by CAEC

Canada has replaced the GED exam with the Canadian-made Canadian Adult Education Credential (CAEC) on May 3, 2024. You can read more on our page about the transition from GED to CEAC in Canada.

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In Canada’s Prince Edward Island, theGED exam was offered for free, and we assume this will continue for the CAEC. So you’ll understand that the exam is available for residents only.

Upon taking the CAEC exam at a test center, you’ll be required to show proof of your Prince Edward Island residency with a valid and current photo ID that includes your Canadian address.

In Prince Edward Island, you must be 18 years old or older to be able to take the CAEC exam, and you must also have been officially withdrawn from school for at least one year.

To become fully prepared for the CAEC test, students are advised to attend a well-structured, accredited online prep program like the Canadian online CAEC classes developed by Onsego.

Prince Edward Island education authorities may give some consideration to underage CAEC test-takers under extreme medical circumstances, and underage homeschoolers may also qualify for CAEC testing if they want to earn a grade-12 credential.

Some Canadian provinces and territories allow residents from other provinces to write the CAEC exam, while others do not. So, if you’re thinking about taking the CAEC test outside of your province or territory, please check the residency requirement there to avoid disappointment.

CAEC official practice test

Prince Edward Island does not require GED candidates to take a CAEC prep course in an adult education center or register for an online course, but all CAEC hopefuls are required to first take the official practice test and attain at least a passing score before they can register for the real test. To register for the official CAEC practice test, please call 1-800-446-5265, option 3.

In Prince Edward Island, the CAEC exam is available both on paper and on a computer, and you are allowed to switch between computer and paper testing to combine the options. The above mentioned information applied to the GED test, and we assume it also applies to CAEC testing.

What’s on the GED test?

The Canadian CAEC test includes five separate, independent subtests that include mostly multiple-choice questions. Only the essay part is different. The five sub-exams cover the subject areas of Language Arts Writing, Language Arts Reading, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science.

The CAEC exam offers adults who, for some reason, didn’t finish high school the chance to get hold of an educational degree that is the equivalency of a common high school degree.

On this website, you can learn all about the CAEC exam in Canada. Across Canada’s provinces and territories, the regulations and requirements may vary, and we tell you all about it in detail. We also explain what is required to write the 5-test Canadian CAEC test successfully, quickly, and without stress.

We often refer to the CAEC prep course from Onsego because they offer an affordable, complete, and top-notch prep program that addresses each and every topic found on the GED or CAEC exam.

The Onsego course comes with entertaining, short video lessons that present the study material in small, bite-sized pieces that cover one topic at a time. This course is accredited by GED Testing Service®, which recognizes this program as one of only 20 GED prep courses that are totally aligned with the current GED test, and this also applies to the CAEC exam.

In Canada, online CAEC testing is not possible, so you need to write the five GED subtests at an official Canada testing center. The five sub-exams are usually administered over a two-day period, starting on Friday evenings and continuing on Saturday.

CAEC timed tests

The five Canadian CAEC sub-exams are timed tests. Most students are already used to that from their high school days. The following timeframes are given for completion:

  • Language Arts Writing: 120 minutes (Part 1, 75 minutes; Part 2, 45 minutes-essay
  • Language Arts Reading: 65 minutes
  • Mathematics: 90 minutes
  • Social Studies: 70 minutes
  • Science: 80 minutes
  • The CAEC exam is generally available in Charlottetown, Alberton, and Summerside. The exam is usually given over a 2-day period on Friday evenings and Saturdays to accommodate working individuals as well.

Prince Edward Island CAEC test centers

  • Holland College – West Prince Campus
    509 Church Steet, Alberton, Prince Edward Island C0B 1B0, Ph: (902) 566-9628
  • Workplace Learning PEI Inc.
    40 Enman Crescent, Room 222, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island C1E 1E6, Ph: (902) 368-6280
  • Holland College – Montgomery Hall
    305 Kent Street, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island C1A 4Z1, Ph: (902) 566-9628
  • Holland College – Waterfront Campus
    98 Water Street, Summerside, Prince Edward Island C1N 4N6, Ph: (902) 566-9628

Contact information

For more information, please contact:
Province of Prince Edward Island CAEC Testing Program
Atlantic Technology Center
176 Great George Street, Suite 212, Charlottetown, PE C1A 4K9
Ph: 902.368.4650
Fax: 902.368.6144