GED Prep Quitting Protection Program

Onsego My Advantage plan includes a Quitting Protection Plan. This plan aims to prevent students from dropping out of the prep course.

The most significant barrier to earning your GED Diploma isn’t the material or the tests—it’s the tendency to quit the course and stop consistent learning.

We understand this challenge, which is why we offer a foolproof solution: If you diligently follow the structured lessons in this course, you are guaranteed to pass all four required tests.

Encountering obstacles? Don’t worry, the Onsego Quitting Protection system is designed to keep you on track.

It offers a step-by-step action plan for overcoming hurdles, a Must-Know Lessons Checklist to ensure you cover the essentials, and guidelines for crafting a practical cheat sheet for quick reference.

While the Quitting Protection system is valued at $49 when purchased separately, it comes complimentary with our “My Advantage” plans. Stay committed, stay on course, and earn that GED Diploma.

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