Can I retake the GED test for a higher score?

Yes, in most states, you can retake the GED subtests if you want to attain a higher score for one (or more) of the four GED subject tests.

However, you must be approved to retake a subject test if you have already passed that section.


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The approval process requires you to send an email and explain why you wish to take one or more sections again. You must send your email to Upon approval of your request, you will receive a notification by email from GED Testing Service.

That notification includes instructions on how you can schedule your additional GED subtests.

Please keep in mind that when you want to retake a portion that you have already passed, the discounted retake rates do not apply, and there may be a wait period between tests. Discounted retest fees only apply to subtests you haven’t passed yet.

GED Scoring

As an increasing number of universities and colleges recognize GED College-Ready scores as great academic achievements and exempt students with these results from having to fulfill remediation college entrance exam requirements, it may be good to know how the GED test is scored:

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Scores on the four GED modules are calibrated on a 100 to 200 scoring scale. The GED test has four GED scoring categories:

  • 100 – 144: This is the GED Below-Passing category.
  • 145 – 164: Scores in this category are high school equivalent GED results.
  • 165 – 174: This is the GED College-Ready category.
  • 175 – 200: Scores in this category may additionally result in a maximum of 10 college credits, depending on the school and the GED subject test.

Onsego Pro Plan

Many students want to retake one or more GED subtests to reach higher scores in the “College-Ready” ranges (165-174 and 175-200).

Onsego assists students in getting desired scores; our Advantage Pro plan especially includes many features that lead to GED College Ready scores.

More and more colleges and universities (also 4-year institutions) recognize these GED achievements and allow students to enroll in their academic courses without taking remedial courses or providing SAT/ACT scores.

This will save the students a lot of time and money, definitely compensating for the relatively small amount for retaking one or more GED subject tests.

Additionally, more and more colleges and universities award college credit to GED graduates with college-ready scores, depending on the subject.

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