Onsego price

Onsego charges $79 for an Advantage plan. This is a complete GED prep with six months of access, making it the most affordable plan. This plan equips students with everything they need to pass the GED test.

The most popular Onsego plan costs $99 for 12 months with extra add-ons such as an essay checker and flashcards.


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The price of the most complete Onsego plan is $199 for 12 months, including mentoring from Onsego instructors to help boost GED test scores.

Single-subject courses are available at $29 per GED subject.

Advantage Plans

  • Advantage plan costs $79; it offers 6 months of access to Onsego’s comprehensive GED prep course.
    It’s designed for learners who need a thorough review of all GED subjects.
  • Advantage Plus plan is $99, which provides 12 months of access and additional tools, including an essay checker and flashcards. It’s ideal for students seeking extended study time and extra resources.
  • Advantage Pro plan with Onsego Mentors: For $199, students receive 12 months of access to the complete GED prep course, plus personal guidance from Onsego mentors. This plan is perfect for learners looking for an extra level of support to achieve success.

Single Subject Prep

For a focused study on one GED subject, Onsego offers Single Subject Preps at $29 each. This option provides targeted study materials, offering flexibility and focused preparation.
Choosing the Right Plan for You
The best Onsego plan for you depends on your study habits, the time you have before your test, and your preference for additional support.

No matter which plan you choose, Onsego delivers high-quality materials and resources designed to confidently help you pass your GED test.

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