Blair passed her GED in 2 months.

Here’s how she did it.

Blair signed up for Onsego online GED classes and simply followed the lessons and quizzes.

After completing the prep for one subject, she took the GED Ready test and, shortly thereafter, the real GED test at In this simple, stress-free manner,

Blair completed 4 subject tests, and ultimately, her state awarded her a GED diploma. Today, Blair has a new, well-paid job and enjoys newly found confidence.

Onsego made obtaining my GED quick and painless. I was able to get my GED completed in a few months while on unemployment.

It was awesome being able to study whenever I wanted without the hassle of attending classes. The lessons were straightforward and really kept me interested. Doing it all from home was the best part. Now that I’ve got my GED, I’m ready for whatever comes next! Blair L.

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