Steve Gory- How EdTech Changed GED Prep

Steve Gory is the CEO of Onsego and an EdTech expert. He is responsible for aligning Onsego’s online GED classes with technologies that accelerate learning.

Steve explains what EdTech is and how it has changed students’ approaches to learning.


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Edtech, or “Education Technology,” refers to the combination of IT tools and educational practices to facilitate and enhance learning. The benefits of Edtech solutions are broad and well-recognized. First of all, it not only can reduce the costs of education and engage learners in new and effective ways.

It also has the potential to equalize standards in education and make knowledge and learning accessible for all. Steve Gory mentions these vital issues:

 24/7 Access to Learning

EdTech solutions make it easier for students to have full access to learning content. Whether at school, on the bus, or at home, connected devices give students Wi-Fi and cloud access to complete work at their own pace (and on their own schedules) without the restriction of having to be present in a brick-and-mortar classroom.

Increasing productivity

Digital technology automation makes so many processes in our lives easier, and it also increases the productivity of students.

Online GED Classes

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Learning outside a physical classroom means that students can use proven productivity techniques, such as the Pomodoro method, on their own schedule.

Onsego teaches students how to organize their learning sessions to maximize time and promote productivity.Edtech changed ged prep

Speed of learning

Everybody is learning in their own style and at their own pace. Edtech tools are making it so much easier to create learning experiences that foster speed of learning and boost the learning capabilities of all students.

At Onsego, every lesson is presented as a video and text so that everyone can benefit, regardless of learning preferences.

Video lessons help students understand the matter at their own pace. Because students can pause when they want and rewind the lessons as they please, Onsego’s video lessons help students fully grasp the subject matter.

Mini-quizzes and practice tests with instant scoring help students learn from their errors and identify the steps they should take. Instead of continuing down an incorrect learning path, they can easily recognize their mistakes and make the proper adjustments.

This way of learning helps students foster inclusivity and self-learning; it will give them a sense of achievement.

Benefits for teachers

Teachers are spending so many hours attempting to measure their students’ knowledge and skills or to find areas of improvement. EdTech helps teachers to make it a breeze.

Thanks to automatic grading, teachers free up hours usually spent grading assignments. Systems such as Onsego analyze and assess students’ answers based on the assignment’s specifications and make it easier to develop efficient learning practices and save time.

There are a few more ways how EdTech tools such as Onsego help teachers:

  • Track progress dynamically
  • Go paperless
  • Collaborate with ease

We are proud that Steve Gory, our CEO, is an expert in EdTech and always makes sure Onsego implements the most effective techniques.